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Autumn veg 25 April, 2015

Posted by Kate Andrews in Garden.
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Last Sunday, before the big storms hit on Monday, we planted a new batch of veggies for Autumn/Winter. Broccolini (two types), sprig onions, baby beetroots, and spinach. The beds still have Five chilli plants between them, and oregano, sage and thyme as well. We may try and squeeze in a couple of dwarf beans from seed if we can find a spare space.


More veggies, plus some other non-edible plants 11 September, 2011

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We sowed some little radishes today. Polendino could not be swayed from also sowing some watermelons. Hmm… I’m a bit concerned they’ll take over, but I’m hoping we can guide them over the edge of the raised bed and have them traipse along the ground.

We planted the first of the non-edible garden beds too, following our garden designer’s instructions carefully. What went in:

  • 1 x Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ (a birthday pressie for Wing – thanks Mum & Dad!)
  • 16 x  Convolvulus cneorum
  • 3 x  Phormium ‘Pink Ribbon’
  • 5 x  Rhaphiolepis ‘Oriental Pearl’
  • 1 x  Loropetalum ‘Burgundy’

There’s already a large, white-flowering Camellia Japonica in the bed, which forms a nice foundation for all the new planting. Here’s what it looks like now…

Next batch of veggies 28 August, 2011

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We harvested the last of our first batch of veggies just after we returned from our overseas trip. Today we’ve planted zucchini (yellow and green), rocket and four types of heirloom tomatoes.

We’ve also got alfafa sprouts growing in the kitchen, and our next batch of yoghurt brewing.

Not self-sufficient by any means, but enjoying eating what we grow and make whenever we can!

Starting on the garden 7 May, 2011

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We had soft-leaf buffalo lawn laid this week, in the wasteland that was our front yard (it didn’t fare well in the renovations). The curved edges have created three new garden beds where once there were none!

Before we can plant, we need to get rid of the grass, weeds and remnants of old concrete paths; ventilate the soil; and add a few cubic metres of topsoil. If you click through to see the above image on flickr, you will see some notes giving a vague idea of what’s going where.


This afternoon we installed this nifty edging around the new lawn. It’ll disappear once we add soil, mulch and plants on the right hand side there, but will make mowing (and keeping the grass where it’s supposed to be) much easier. (See the Linkedge site for details.)

We had lawn laid in the backyard too – photos to come.

Veggie beds! 16 April, 2011

Posted by Hamble Bamble in Garden.

Today, we installed new veggie beds in the back yard. They had actually been sitting there for a week and a bit, but yesterday we started filling them with stuff. Today we finished. Here are some pics:

These are the plants we have:

  • Carrots: Roly Poly ball carrots, will be ready in 8-12 weeks.
  • Pak Choy Mix: A mixture of Pak Choy and Bok Choy. Ready in 7-8 weeks.
  • Silverbeet: Tasty glossy green leaves. Ready in 5-8 weeks.
  • Wom Bok: Chinese cabbage. Ready in 6-8 weeks.
  • Spring Onions: Onion/leek kinda things. Ready in 8-10 weeks.
  • Mizuna mix: Mix of green & red leaves. Ready in 4-8 weeks.
  • Spinach: Tasty stuff. Eat it for big muscly muscliness. Ready in 5-8 weeks.

We’re veeeeeeery excited.

Sketchup 9 June, 2010

Posted by Kate Andrews in Bathroom, Extensions, Interiors, Quotes.

I finally found an excuse to learn how to use Google Sketchup. Here is the diagram I’ve sent out to three stonemasons for a quote on the bathroom benchtop:

Sofa! 5 June, 2010

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Mum & Dad did some shopping around for us (yes, I have the best parents), and gave us a call to let us know that Nick Scali had a huge sale on. We had a long list of things we wanted in our new sofa, but Mum was pretty sure that they had something that would fit the bill.

Of course, she was right, and we ordered the following sofa in a charcoal leather, and it was Almost Half Price!

Slovenly teenager included at no extra cost.

Bathroom. Not the old one, the NEW one. 5 June, 2010

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Three years of the five of us sharing a teeny-tiny bathroom with just enough room for a shower, basin & toilet has got old. Especially now that two of the minors in the family are now Card-Carrying Teenagers.

Three weeks ago, Polendino moved into his new bedroom. His old room, while small for a bedroom, makes for a LARGE bathroom. Chris The Builder and George The Plumber made very short work of gutting the room and re-lining it. Then Chris built a nice low island across the end of the room to house the bath. And then the Most Polite Tilers In The World came and tiled everything beautifully. Hell, they even ground the backs of the tiles so they could mitre the edge of the bath. Gorgeous.

Dodgy iPhone photo of wall tiling in progress:

Next step was George installing the bath and shower taps. We went with Dorf Loxton – nice and simple, without those annoying little screw-on caps that say H and C:

For the cabinets, we chose Ikea kitchen cupboards. And, despite expectations to the contrary, Wing and I managed to assemble them all. Yesterday, Chris did all the tricky bits, like putting the legs on and attaching them to the wall. He and George also installed the bath, toilet and washing machine. The whole bath island is lined with left-over ceiling insulation batts from the extension, which means that when I christen the bath TONIGHT, it will stay warm for aaaages.

Today, Jake the Shower Screen Guy came over and measured up for, what else, the shower screen. That should be ready late next week.

What’s left? Doors on the cabinets; frosted glass on the window; a Ceasarstone benchtop; and a big mirror over the bench with hollywood lights either side.

Here’s a dodgy iPhone photo of what it looks like now (note that the blue on the drawer fronts is just protective film – they’re a nice gloss white underneath):

Landscaping 5 June, 2010

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So. Where were we? So much has happened in the weeks since our last update, so I’ll try and get you all caught up with these next few entries.

First (and only because we’ve been talking about it all day) – the paved area outside the back door.  We want to have a retaining wall around the BBQ area with a nice smooth cap on top for people to sit on, and paving that vaguely matches.

Of course, our first choice for the colour of the retaining wall didn’t have any co-ordinating pavers or capping, so we had to go back and forth debating our decision, but we’ve finally (probably) chosen what we’ll get the landscaper to use.

he retaining wall will be Boral Arena in Fudge.
The capping will be Boral Promenade Bullnose in Fudge. Nice and smooth for sensitive butts.
And the paving will be Boral Pavestone, also in Fudge.

“Fudge”. It’s not as chocolatey as it sounds… more of a warm mid-grey. Dry-soil coloured. Now we just have to tell the paving guy, so he can order it and get started. As soon as this rain stops.

Outside colours 2 May, 2010

Posted by Kate Andrews in Extensions.

We finally got our act together with choosing colours for the outside of the house. The idea of all that cement-rendered wall is a bit daunting. Boo and I love the idea of blue, but it’s like soooo nineties. Then there’s those eggplant-y purple greys… already on their way out. Grey was a likely contender, until we went for a drive around the neighbourhood, and realised that more that half of the rendered homes around here are painted in The Same Colour.

We have a couple of considerations in choosing the main wall colour…

  • We want the woodwork (window frames, door-jambs etc.) to be the same colour on the outside as the inside – Antique White USA, so the wall colour had to work well with that, which pretty much ruled out creamy, golden colours
  • It has to be a colour that works well with the existing red-brown powder-coated gutters and down-pipes, as well as the weathered and lichened terracotta roof
  • It needs to work well amongst trees and garden – this is a big block, with some large and beautiful trees, and we’ll only be adding more and more plants over the next few months and years.

Anyway… we’ve come up with the following combo. All Dulux colours.

“Salty Seeds”? Who comes up with these names?! But it’s a great colour – warmer than a grey-green, and more interesting than the myriad variations on “Stone” in the charts. Although if you ask Polendino, our resident deutoranopic, it looks exactly the same as every single one of them.