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Veggie beds! 16 April, 2011

Posted by Hamble Bamble in Garden.

Today, we installed new veggie beds in the back yard. They had actually been sitting there for a week and a bit, but yesterday we started filling them with stuff. Today we finished. Here are some pics:

These are the plants we have:

  • Carrots: Roly Poly ball carrots, will be ready in 8-12 weeks.
  • Pak Choy Mix: A mixture of Pak Choy and Bok Choy. Ready in 7-8 weeks.
  • Silverbeet: Tasty glossy green leaves. Ready in 5-8 weeks.
  • Wom Bok: Chinese cabbage. Ready in 6-8 weeks.
  • Spring Onions: Onion/leek kinda things. Ready in 8-10 weeks.
  • Mizuna mix: Mix of green & red leaves. Ready in 4-8 weeks.
  • Spinach: Tasty stuff. Eat it for big muscly muscliness. Ready in 5-8 weeks.

We’re veeeeeeery excited.

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1. Wing - 17 April, 2011

I’ve marked the weeks in my google calendar. Fingers cross the possums don’t fancy them.

2. Pop - 17 April, 2011

I hope you harvest a few more than you need! Pop

3. Jasmine - 17 April, 2011

That looks fabulous! Go to Chicken Feed and buy some of their netting to put over everything so the creatures dont get them before you do. Also mix up Vicks and petroleum jelly (50/50) and smear it around (on top of some sticks and poke them into the soil and use that to hold up the netting) so the possums get the menthol-eucy smell and back off. Put a little row of sawdust all around the bases on the ground so snails and slugs can’t travel to eat all those tender yummies, too.
Well done – nothing better than your own fresh garden stuff! Hugs, Jas XXXX

4. Leigh - 17 April, 2011

Looks great.Jen uses plastic snakes spread around the veg patch to scare off the possums……
We find labradors are also very efficient for this purpose.

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