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Bathroom. Not the old one, the NEW one. 5 June, 2010

Posted by Kt in Whatever.

Three years of the five of us sharing a teeny-tiny bathroom with just enough room for a shower, basin & toilet has got old. Especially now that two of the minors in the family are now Card-Carrying Teenagers.

Three weeks ago, Polendino moved into his new bedroom. His old room, while small for a bedroom, makes for a LARGE bathroom. Chris The Builder and George The Plumber made very short work of gutting the room and re-lining it. Then Chris built a nice low island across the end of the room to house the bath. And then the Most Polite Tilers In The World came and tiled everything beautifully. Hell, they even ground the backs of the tiles so they could mitre the edge of the bath. Gorgeous.

Dodgy iPhone photo of wall tiling in progress:

Next step was George installing the bath and shower taps. We went with Dorf Loxton – nice and simple, without those annoying little screw-on caps that say H and C:

For the cabinets, we chose Ikea kitchen cupboards. And, despite expectations to the contrary, Wing and I managed to assemble them all. Yesterday, Chris did all the tricky bits, like putting the legs on and attaching them to the wall. He and George also installed the bath, toilet and washing machine. The whole bath island is lined with left-over ceiling insulation batts from the extension, which means that when I christen the bath TONIGHT, it will stay warm for aaaages.

Today, Jake the Shower Screen Guy came over and measured up for, what else, the shower screen. That should be ready late next week.

What’s left? Doors on the cabinets; frosted glass on the window; a Ceasarstone benchtop; and a big mirror over the bench with hollywood lights either side.

Here’s a dodgy iPhone photo of what it looks like now (note that the blue on the drawer fronts is just protective film – they’re a nice gloss white underneath):

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1. Caity O'Connor - 18 April, 2011

What a clever idea to insulate the bath! It looks GORGEOUS, and how much ROOM have you got there – you won’t know yourselves!

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