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Outside colours 2 May, 2010

Posted by Kt in Extensions.

We finally got our act together with choosing colours for the outside of the house. The idea of all that cement-rendered wall is a bit daunting. Boo and I love the idea of blue, but it’s like soooo nineties. Then there’s those eggplant-y purple greys… already on their way out. Grey was a likely contender, until we went for a drive around the neighbourhood, and realised that more that half of the rendered homes around here are painted in The Same Colour.

We have a couple of considerations in choosing the main wall colour…

  • We want the woodwork (window frames, door-jambs etc.) to be the same colour on the outside as the inside – Antique White USA, so the wall colour had to work well with that, which pretty much ruled out creamy, golden colours
  • It has to be a colour that works well with the existing red-brown powder-coated gutters and down-pipes, as well as the weathered and lichened terracotta roof
  • It needs to work well amongst trees and garden – this is a big block, with some large and beautiful trees, and we’ll only be adding more and more plants over the next few months and years.

Anyway… we’ve come up with the following combo. All Dulux colours.

“Salty Seeds”? Who comes up with these names?! But it’s a great colour – warmer than a grey-green, and more interesting than the myriad variations on “Stone” in the charts. Although if you ask Polendino, our resident deutoranopic, it looks exactly the same as every single one of them.

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1. amy - 3 May, 2010

OK, I really, really, really like that Salty Seed colour (but yeah, what’s with the name?). But then again we have Antique White in most rooms of our place and as we both know our front door is Red Box…great minds….
But really, looks awesome

2. yewenyi - 3 May, 2010

it looked much more yellow on my iphone than it does on the work computer. it looks similar to the colour of some gum trees, which I think is a good idea.

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